Name:  Altharian Vaeril        Age: 24              Gender: Male    
 Class: Swordmage 11 (Wizard MC)                        Race: Eladrin            
 Paragon Path: Arcane Wayfarer Deity: Pantheist    Alignment: Good           
 Epic Destiny: --
 Str: 15 / +2             Level Bonus: +5                        AC: 27 
 Dex: 16 / +3             Basic Melee: +11                Fortitude: 20
 Con: 17 / +3            Basic Ranged: +8                    Reflex: 22
 Int: 22 / +6          Healing Surges: 11 / 22 HP              Will: 22 (27)
 Wis: 15 / +2                                            Initiative: +8
 Cha: 11 / +0                                                    HP: 45 / 91
   Implements: Light Blade, Heavy Blade
   Sword Bond: Meditate for 1 hour to bond to a weapon. Standard action to call 
               the weapon to hand if within 10 squares. If bonded weapon is
               broken or damaged spend 1 hour of mediation to recreate the
               weapon from a fragment. Any other fragments are destroyed during
               this process.
   Swordmage Warding: +1AC; +3AC if nothing in off hand
   Blink Strike: Whenever you score a critical hit with an arcane attack power
                 you can also teleport the target 4 squares.
   Wayfarer's Action: When you spend an AP to take an extra action you can
                      also teleport 4 (7) squares as a free action.
   Eladrin Will: +5 bonus to saves against charm effects
   Fey Origin: Considered a Fey Creature
   Trance: 4 hours of trance is equal to 6 hours extended rest of other races.
           Fully aware of surroundings while tranced
   Fey Step: Use the Fey Step Power once per encounter
   *Acrobatics +13, *Arcana +20, *Athletics +15, Bluff +5, Diplomacy +5,
   *Dungeoneering +15, *Endurance +15, Heal +7, History +13, *Insight +12,
   Intimidate +5, Nature +7, *Perception +12, Religion +11, Stealth +8,
   Streetwise +5, Thievery +8
   Geography * Mountains: +2 to Athletics.
   Occupation * Scholar: +2 to Arcana
   Racial * Drowscarred: +2 to Dungeoneering
   Eladrin Swordmage Advance: Use Fey Step racial to square adjacent to an 
                              enemy; gain melee basic attack on the foe as a 
                              free action. 
   Enlarge Spell: Before using an arcane attack power you can choose to take a
                  -2 penalty to each die of damage rolled with the power to 
                  increase the size of its blast or its burst by 1. The power 
                  must roll dice for damage.
   Focused Expertise: Swords: +1/+2/+3 to attack rolls with Implements or Swords
   Intelligent Blademaster: Use INT bonus in lieu of STR for basic attacks
   Learned Spellcaster: Gain training in the Dungeoneering skill. Gain the 
                        Wizard's Ritual Casting class feature.
   Mark of Passage: Can shift an extra square when a power allows a shift, can
                    teleport an extra square when a power allows a teleport.
                    Can master and perform rituals in the Travel category, and
                    the Enhance Vessel (EPG 117), Find the path (EPG 117), 
                    Passwall (PH 310), Phantom Steed (PH 310), Steed Summons 
                    EPG 119), and Water Walk (PH 315) rituals as if having the
                    Ritual Caster feat.
   Warrior of the Wild: Gain training in Acrobatics. Gain the use of the Ranger
                        class feature Hunter's Quarry once per encounter.

** LANGUAGES: Common, Elven
   Cloak of Survival +2 (Neck 9 * PHB 250)
     Enhancement: +2 to Fort, Reflex, and Will defenses.
     Property: +2 item bonus to Endurance Checks. Gain Resist 5 Cold and 
               Resist 5 Fire.

   Eladrin Armor +3 (Armor 13 * PHB 230)
     Enhancement: AC 
     Property: Add 2 squares to the maximum distance of any teleport you make.

     AC Breakdown: 10 base, +5 Level, +6 Armor, +3 Enhancement,
                   +3 Swordmage warding class feature. Total: 27

   Gauntlets of Ogre Power (Hands 5 * PHB 247)
     Property: Gain +1 item bonus to Athletics checks and Strength ability
               checks but not to Strength attacks.
     Power (Daily): Free Action.  Use this power when you hit with a melee
                    attack. Add a +5 power bonus to the damage roll.

   Handy Haversack (Wondrous 10 * PHB 254)
     Property: Hold up to 1000 lbs or 100 cubic feet but weighs 1 lb. Drawing
               an item from the bag is a minor action.

   Scabbard of Corellon Larethian (Waist 11 * Custom)
     Property: This scabbard will resize to handle any light or heavy blade.
     Power (Daily): Free Action. Use this effect when you draw your weapon from
                    the scabbard. Weapon drawn crits on a natural roll of 19 or
                    20 for the rest of the encounter.

   Thundering Broadsword +2 (Weapon 8 * PHB 236)
     Properties: Heavy Blade; +2 Prof, 1d10 Damage, Versatile
     Crit: +1d6 Thunder Damage per plus
     Power (Daily * Thunder): Free Action.  Use this effect when you deal
                              damage with the weapon. Deal an extra 1d8 Thunder
                              Damage and push the target one square.

     Combat Totals: +16 attack, 1d10+8 damage

** GOLD: 588
   Aegis of Assault
     Swordmage Feature
     At-Will * Arcane, Teleportation
     Minor Action * Close burst 2
     Target: One creature in burst
     Effect: Mark one target at a time. Target takes -2 to hit if attack 
             doesn't include Altharian. If the attack hits and foe is 
             within 10 (13) squares Alth can use an immediate reaction to 
             teleport to a square adjacent to the target and make a melee 
             basic attack against it. Cannot be used if no adjacent space.

   Lightning Lure 
     Swordmage Attack 1
     At-Will * Arcane, Implement, Lightning
     Standard Action * Ranged 3
     Target: 1 creature
     Attack: Intelligence vs Fortitude
     Hit: 1d6+Intelligence modifier lightning damage, pull target to nearest
          adjacent space.
     Special: Fails if no adjacent space is present.

     Combat Totals: +14 attack, 1d6+8 lightning damage

   Sword Burst 
     Swordmage Attack 1
     At-Will * Arcane, Force, Implement
     Standard Action * Close burst 1
     Target: Each foe in burst
     Attack: Intelligence vs Reflex
     Hit: 1d6+Intelligence modifier force damage.

     Combat Totals: +14 attack, 1d6+8 force damage


   Armathor's Step
     Swordmage Uility 6
     Encounter * Arcane, Teleportation
     Move Action * Personal
     Effect: Teleport up to 5 (8) squares. If you end this move adjacent to an enemy, 
             you gain a +2 power bonus to the next attack roll you make against that
             enemy during your turn.

   Blazing Pursuit 
     Swordmage Attack 1
     Encounter * Arcane, Fire, Teleportation, Weapon
     Standard Action * Melee Weapon
     Target: One creature
     Attack: Intelligence vs AC
     Hit: 1d8+Intelligence modifier fire damage. If target is within 5 (8) squares
          of you at the end of its next turn you can teleport to an unoccupied
          adjacent square to it as a free action.
       Aegis of Assault: Can teleport to an adjacent square without line of sight.

     Combat Totals: +14 attack, 1d8+8 fire damage

   Dual Lightning Strike 
     Swordmage Attack 3
     Encounter * Arcane, Lightning, Teleportation, Weapon
     Standard Action * Melee Weapon
     Primary Target: One creature
     Primary Attack: Intelligence vs AC
     Hit: 1[W]+Intelligence modifier lightning damage and the target is marked
          until the end of your next turn.
     Effect: You teleport 6 (9) squares and make a secondary attack.
       Aegis of Assault: The number of squares you teleport is 4 + STR modifier.
       Secondary Target: One creature other than the primary target.
       Secondary Attack: Intelligence vs AC
       Hit: 1[W] + Intelligence modifier lightning damage and the target is 
            marked until the end of your next turn.

     Combat Totals: +14 attack, 1d10+8 lightning damage
     Teleport Range: 6 (9) squares

   Electrified Lash
     Swordmage Attack 7
     Encounter * Arcane, Implement, Lightning
     Standard Action * Close Burst 1
     Target: Each enemy in Burst
     Attack: Intelligence vs Fortitude
     Hit: 2[W] + Intelligence modifier lightning damage

     Combat Totals: +14 attack, 2d10+8 lightning damage

   Fey Step 
     Eladrin Racial Power
     Encounter * Teleportaion
     Move Action * Personal
     Effect: Teleport up to 5 (8) squares

   Hammerfal Step
     Arcane Wayfarer Attack 11
     Encounter * Arcane, Implement, Teleportation
     Standard Action * Close blast 5
     Target: Each enemy in blast
     Attack: Intelligence vs Frotitude
     Hit: 2d6 + Int modifier damage, and you teleport the target 3 squares
     Effect: You teleport each ally in the blast 3 squares.

     Combat Totals: +14 attack, 2d6+8 damage

   Hunter's Quarry
     Ranger Class Feature
     Encounter * Special
     Minor Action
     Effect: Designate one enemy as your quarry. Once per round deal extra
             damage: 1st-10th +1d6, 11th-20th +2d6, 21st-30th +3d6. If you
             can make multiple attacks in a round you much choose which one
             gains the bonus damage. This effect remains active until the 
             end of the encounter, or the quarry is defeated.

   Arcane Transport 
     Swordmage Utility 2
     Daily * Arcane, Teleportation
     Minor Action * Close burst 2
     Trigger: You teleport using a swordmage power.
     Target: One ally in burst.
     Effect: The target teleports to a space adjacent to the space you teleport

   Dimensional Bond 
     Swordmage Attack 5
     Daily * Arcane, Teleportation, Weapon
     Standard Action * Melee Weapon
     Target: 1 creature
     Attack: Intelligence vs AC
     Hit: 2[W]+Intelligence modifier damage.
     Effect: Until the end of the encounter you can teleport 10 (13) squares as a
             move action. You must end this movement adjacent to the target.

     Combat Totals: +14 attack, 2d10+8 damage

   Dimensional Dodge
     Swordmage Utility 10
     Daily * Arcane, Teleportation
     Immediate Interrupt * Personal
     Trigger: An enemy within 20 squares of hits Altharian with a ranged attack
     Effect: Altharian teleports adjacent to the enemy

   Forceful Dismissal
     Swordmage Attack 9
     Daily * Arcane, Force, Implement
     Standard Action * Close Blast 3
     Target: Each creature in blast
     Attack: Intelligence vs. Fortitude
     Hit: 2d8+Intelligence modifier damage, and you push the target a number
          of squares equal to your Strength modifier and knock it prone.
     Miss: Half damage, and you push target 1 square.

     Combat Totals: +14 attack, 2d8+8 force damage & push target 2 squares

   Frost Backlash 
     Swordmage Attack 1
     Daily * Arcane, Cold, Weapon
     Immediate Interrupt * Melee Weapon
     Trigger: An adjacent creature hits you
     Target: The creature that hit you
     Attack: Intelligence vs Reflex
     Hit: 3[W]+Intelligence modifier cold damage.
     Miss: Half damage

     Combat Totals: +14 attack, 3d10+8 cold damage

   Incredible Stride
     Athletics Utility 10
     Daily * Stance
     Minor Action * Personal
     Effect: Until the stance ends you gain a +4 power bonus to speed.

   Perfect Balance
     Acrobatics Utility 6
     Move Action * Personal
     Effect: You move your speed -2. During this movement you ignore difficult
             terrain, and you can move across any horizontal surface that is 
             at least 3 inches wide without making an acrobatics check.
     Water Walk (2: Nature (No check), PH 315)
     Find the path (6: Nature (No check), EPG 117)
     Phantom Steed (6: Arcana, PH 310)
     Steed Summons (6: Arcana (No check), EPG 119)
     Linked Portal (8: Arcana, PH 307)
     Enhance Vessel (10: Arcana (No check), EPG 117)

     Drawmij's Instant Summons (12: Arcana, PH 304)
     Passwall (12: Arcana, PH 310)
     Walk Crossroads (14: Nature, FRPG 147)
     Planar Portal (18: Arcana, PH 311)
     True Portal (28: Arcana, PH 313) 

     To be determined