Setting Information


A great war grew to a head a thousand years ago between the Eladrin and the Minotaurs. The Eladrin wanted to forge a great empire, and the minotaurs were their first target. Both drew other races to them, with Elves siding with the Eladrin and the Humans siding with the Minotaurs. Other races attempted to remain neutral, though the great wars tore even their nations asunder or drove them into hiding.

Great magics were fought, and in the end, neither side was victorious. The Eladrin, pursuing a dream of an empire, were forced back into the Feywild, many of the forest glades that provided portals destroyed. Humanity and the Minotaurs with their great cities, were thrown into chaos, their nations shattered.

And now, a thousand years later, they rise out of the ashes…

Setting Details

  • There are two moons, a large white one and a small black one. The black one is called the Shadow Moon. Only those who use certain dark magics such as Dark, Infernal, and Star Warlocks, Necromancers, and the like can see the Shadow Moon.
  • Mystical sigils were used extensively in the final clashes between the warring nations. Even today, these sigils arise in some people. These sigils are modeled via the Dragonmark rules in the Eberron Player's Guide.